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Ultra-Cure Tire Glue CA Super Glue 130

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Ultra-Cure Tire Glue is a very high performance clear cyanoacrylate that has a medium viscosity (thickness) in-between that of Insta-Cure Super Thin and Insta-Cure+ Gap Filling Medium.

It is ideal for the mounting of rubber tires onto remote control R/C car wheels. It is available in our 3/4 oz Pocket CA bottle and comes with one of our new #304 Extender Tip for the Pocket CA pin-in-cap top. ULTRA-CURE can be used in many other applications that require a slightly thicker thin CA and will bond virtually everything. When using Bob Smith Industries Ultra-Cure Tire Glue, it's important to note that this cyanoacrylate glue gives of a vapor that may irritate the eyes and nose.

Guaranteed Fresh! Our products don't sit in a warehouse for months, but rather days. We order on a bi-weekly basis from Bob Smith Industries so you are getting some of the freshest cyanoacrylate possible!

Refer to the chart below for product uses.