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Vision Double Action Gravity Feed Airbrush Set TGX-2F

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The Paasche Vision is part of the Talon line which allows you to use all the same heads that the TG and TS airbrushes use including the fan aircap. The vision will come installed with Paasche's new .2mm head, hand polished hardened stainless steel needle, sloped trigger, air atomization control and black chrome plating. The Paasche Vision is the finest detail airbrush in the Paasche line. The TGX-2F also comes with the size 3 head (.66 mm), fan aircap, 0.2 mm head, new trigger design, hand polished atomization control and black chrome finish. The Vision can also use larger Talon heads.

  • Gravity feed double action airbrush
  • Ultra fine .2mm head
  • Hand polished stainless steel needle
  • Slopped trigger for better grip and comfort


The TALON is suitable for any application requiring fine detail up to 3" pat tern. Applications include : graphicarts, automotive graphics , illustration, fingernail art, taxidermy, tattoos, cake decorating, Etc .

The Paasche Vision SET Includes:

  • One Vision Airbrush
  • One 0.66mm Spray Head
  • One 0.22mm Spray Head
  • One Special Fan Pattern Aircap
  • One Hand Polished Needle

Product Item #: Set TGX-2F
Product Code#: 026614154809

Made in the USA!

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