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Super Gold Super Thin Odorless Foam Safe CA Glue

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Bob Smith Industries' Super-Gold is an odorless low viscosity CA just like Insta-Cure. It's non-frosting and takes only 2 or 3 seconds longer to bond.

In addition, Super Gold cyanoacrylate will not fog clear plastic. If you're looking for something with a higher viscosity and not water thin, check out the Super Gold+ which has a similar viscosity to Insta-Cure+. Super-Golds cure to a more flexible consistency for better shock absorption. Whenever a large amount of CA is to be used in such applications as saturating fiberglass or Kevlar, Super-Gold eliminates the irritating fumes from the evaporating monomer that make repeated use of CA unpleasant at times.

There are no fumes that irritate the nose and eyes and it's also foam safe on white foam.

Guaranteed Fresh! Our products don't sit in a warehouse for months, but rather days. We order on a bi-weekly basis from Bob Smith Industries so you are getting some of the freshest cyanoacrylate possible!

Bob Smith's Super Gold Super Thin CA Glue comes in four sizes for whatever your project size is (1/2 oz BSI121 / 1 oz BSI122 / 2 oz BSI123) If you're looking for a foam safe and odorless CA glue that's a bit thicker, check out Bob Smith's Super Gold+ CA Glue. It features a medium thickness viscosity and great for filling larger gaps. Refer to the chart below for product uses.