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Finish-Cure 20 Minute Epoxy

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Bob Smith's Finish-Cure 20 minute epoxy is an excellent, low odor substitute for polyester resins. It can be used for applying fiberglass cloth to wood or by itself to give wood a surface ready for primer and paint.

Finish Cure can be sanded, is the easiest of all our epoxies and is excellent for the sheeting of foam core wings. Allow 8 hours for full curing. For best results, Finish-Cure should be heated to a temperature above 85 degrees F or applying light weight fiberglass, lay cloth on balsa first, then brush on Finish-Cure. When fully saturated, go over the surface with a heat gun, and then squeegee off excess epoxy with a playing card from an old deck. Heat and remove excess several times for a lightweight finish. If room temperature is below 70 degrees F use a heat gun on the surface several times for the next 2 hours. When dry, lightly sand, then fill surface with a low weight spackling compound, scrapping off excess with a playing card. Sand to a smooth finish ready for primer.

For heavy weight fiberglass, apply the epoxy before and after laying down the cloth. Finish-Cure is best mixed in a disposable cup. Bob Smith's Finish-Cure 20 Minute Epoxy is has the least discoloration over time. Bob Smith Industries Finish-Cure 20 Minute Epoxy works great on Fiberglass, White Foams, Laminating and good on Balsa Wood and Hard Wood. Refer to the chart below for product uses.